Terms and Conditions of Use

Let’s keep this really simple, shall we?


“Fotografyc” offers 2 services. Workshops and Fine art prints.

  1. Payments

    • Fees for the workshop shall be paid upfront to confirm your presence at the workshop.

  2. No Show

    • If you are unable to make it to the event you can claim a refund as per the following rules:

      • 50% refund if you inform up to 24 hours prior to the workshop

      • 25% refund if you inform up to 8 hours prior to the workshop

      • 0% refund if you inform less than 8 hours prior to the workshop

    • All refunds will only be through UPI / Bank transfer

  3. Walk In

    • If you have not paid for the workshop upfront but want to join directly at the workshop the facilitator reserves the right to admission

  4. Content

    • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop to ensure it suits you. The format of the workshop is inherently flexible to ensure that the group gets maximum value. Small alterations to the content of the workshop will be made on the go with the consent of the group.

  5. Cancelled events

    • If the facilitators cancel the workshop the registered participants will be duly notified and the full amount refunded through UPI / Bank transfer

Fine Art Prints
  1. Payments

    • Fees for prints shall be collected at the time of ordering

  2. Cancellation

    • If you change your mind please call and cancel within 24 hours of placing the order. Cancellation will not be possible once the printing order is out.

  3. We charge shipping at actuals. You will be notified of the shipping cost and possible options before shipping the order. Orders will be shipped after shipping payment is received.

If in doubt

Please contact us via phone / email if you're in doubt about any of this

fotografyc.official@gmail.com | +91 84840 69319

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